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Just some blurbs about me

I’ve got a good eclectic mix under my belt.

Meet your blogger, the lotus life

Well, you’ll surely get to know me more as I share throughout my posts over time here. I’m not new to the blogging deal, actually quite seasoned but took a long time hiatus while I crafted in some other passion areas. I’m quite the multi-passionate gal. Summing up my current season, I’m an artist, maker, and secondhand advocate (aka reseller). I got myself out of the corporate life then somehow snaked back in and then in a way Covid was a blessing because it forced me back out. Corporate is a dangerous place for me because I have a very unhealthy workaholic issue that I fear will be a lifelong struggle.


cups of coffee I typically drink a Day


Siberian Huskies that I grew Up with


Wooden Parrots that I own

Lately, my health has been throwing me some wake-up and change your whole life kind of curve balls so there seem to be some things awaiting me ahead. I’m still trying to quite figure that out, knowing that God has a plan for me, I’m keeping my head up and faith in my heart. Okay realistically my head is held up by a pillow many of those days but hey it’s still up. This whole process has me in quite a thought process about what I really can sustain in life and what I really want in my life. Pain and chronic fatigue can alter a person’s perspective a bit. But more on that later.

the lotus life, when life throws you curve balls

So why The Lotus Life?

Because so many reasons. Okay not really that many but a few at least. One is because the lotus flower represents mindful and peaceful living and moments. Easy peasy symbolism right? I also love how the lotus just seems to flow yet it is deeply rooted and steady. This next journey for me is about going from hustle to flow but also about learning to be steady and calm. And lastly and so representative for I feel so many of us, the lotus flower grows through the mud to bloom… right?! Sounds kind of like life, right? Life is hard and we gotta tackle and survive, and just get through all tattered and all so many challenges and debacles to get to the prize. So the Lotus Life stuck and was feeling like IT to me.